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At Stark Chiropractic we believe that through Chiropractic care and Whole Food nutrition, our bodies are able to heal from the inside out so we can lead healthy, active lifestyles. It is our goal to provide you with the proper care for your diet and nervous system so you can be as healthy as you want to be.


  • Chiropractic
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  • Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Hear from our patients

I started checking my blood sugar in the morning for the week prior to starting the Diaplex Dr. Stark recommended. Once I started taking Diaplex my blood sugar was much lower in the morning and I don’t need to take as much insulin!

— C.G.

The hormones I was taking didn’t make me feel very good and were making me feel very tired. My medical doctor agreed I should stop taking them. That was about the same time Dr. Stark recommended the Symplex F supplement and since I’ve been taking it I’ve been feeling really good and haven’t had any of the perimenopausal symptoms I had before!

— D.M.

My Cholesterol has been 271 for 14 years. When I gave birth to my son it went up to 212 and I was never able to lower it, instead I kept adding 20 points to my cholesterol each year. I started taking medication to lower my cholesterol and it gave me incredible leg pain, so I stopped taking them. I tried to lowering it by watching my diet and the lowest I could get it to was 250 with exercise. Going into the 21 Day Purification Program in only a week my cholesterol went down to 171! My blood pressure also went down from the 130’s and the high 80’s and today my blood pressure is 118/70! And I’ve lost 14 pounds.

— J.C.

I have had pain in my thoracic area for about 15 years now and had been seeing different medical doctors to see if they might be able to do anything to help. I have always slouched from this problem causing it to be much more difficult to work without problems. I was then referred to Dr. Stark and after even only a few visits I have noticed a vast improvement in my posture and the pain is not nearly as severe.

— J.S.

I have always experienced congestion and frequent headaches at least once a week and when I came to see Dr. Stark he gave me Catalyn and Allerplex and I immediately began to feel relief. It’s been about two weeks and recently when I went up to the mountains I was not effected by my usual Allergies at all.

— K.C., age 12

I noticed better energy immediately after taking the whole food supplements, no peaks and valleys in my energy level. I don’t feel deprived when I eat as compared to other vitamins. My whole body feels better. I feel nutritionally satisfied. I have felt fantastic this whole week.

— L.L.

I hurt my back lifting a patient out of bed, I am an EMT. I felt pain in my back and this pain was not going away no matter how much stretching or trying to relax the muscles in my back. I went to see Dr. Stark, who right away knew my rib was out of line. In one visit he fixed the rib, my pain went away and I was back to lifting patients the next day at work.

— R.S., age 29


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